Pace, Presence and Proximity

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How do we assess things?

How do we figure out why someone does anything?

We are lost in our own interpretation of other people’s experiences, usually based upon only a bare minimum of information.

We assess good-or-bad, right-or-wrong, like-or-dislike, always caught in the duality of polarity.

The purpose of this podcast is to give a way out of dualistic thinking by taking into account 3 key concepts….pace, presence, and proximity.

Our moral judgments are based upon the pain-pleasure conditioning we received from our parents, teachers, religious leaders, and friends. The media then bombarded us with violence influencing fear producing stories that mingled with our real life experiences to create some form of a perception mechanism which is highly dubious in its accuracy to say the least.

Because of this fact, that we can not assess correctly almost anything, we become trapped by the stories we tell ourselves and this becomes most people’s `view` or `perspective` of reality. We then speak unconsciously this belief system into the world, trapped by an unconscious inaccurate assessment system.

Meanwhile, back at the farm, those people who have a more accurate assessment of value, rather than emotional reaction to external stimulation, get away with what they do because most human beings have been stupefied, conditioned, and educated into a perceptual state of learned helplessness.

Learned helplessness is the condition the elephant gets when as a young baby it is chained with a stake to the ground. As it gets older, larger, and stronger, the rope is thinned and the stake does not go in as deep. This is done in incremental steps. The elephant learns early it cannot escape and after a while it stops trying to escape forever.

This is a very important fact to know about the conditioning process. At some point the elephant has forgotten how it became that way. It is impossible to remember anything different because it was always this way. It could not remember Freedom because it never had it.

We are the same.

And those in power, who keep the ropes and stakes in place, have a condition called `Cognitive Dissonance` which blanks out any contrary evidence to them thinking themselves a `good` human being. They don’t acknowledge there is a problem. They see challenges.

So with the masses trapped in `learned helplessness` and the global leaders trapped in `cognitive dissonance`, everyone continues to play out the final death throes of a dying economic paradigm of control which now is at the core of our possible species extinction.

It creates a mass stupidity which at some point starts to create mess after mess because so much waste is being created.

And this waste is being created because it has become a norm for the Western culture to be `wasteful`. Think of the newspapers handed out every day to people who toss them after checking out the sports scores they had already seen on the internet at breakfast.

Think of the coffee cups, plastic bottles, cardboard plates, and the other huge amounts of other containers that are thrown out almost immediately after use.

The Story of Stuff points the how’s and whys of this beautifully…

I watch the amount of garbage I create and I am astounded. We love to put the food in, but fundamentally don’t want to smell the shit as it comes out. Flush it away…quickly…there is stuff to do.

So what to do about it…everyone knows fundamentally at some level what was just pointed out.

The solution has to do with Pace, Presence, & Proximity.

PACE: If you are not in a rush, you can take the time to do any task in a wise manner.

PRESENCE: If you are present you can see the solution in the moment and have an accurate assessment of what is occurring.

PROXIMITY: If you deal with what is in your proximity first by being present and matching people’s pace, you can calibrate to the frequency of the shared field.

Pace is not always the easiest to gauge, especially with those who are very fast. They miss the cues from those who operate a little bit or a lot a bit slower.

Proximity is that which you are around.

Presence is how aware you are of what is in your proximity combined with your inner world awareness and the relationship between your inner and outer worlds.

Pace is gauging the best interaction frequency between what is in your proximity and the amount of presence people are bringing into the field.

We are exponentially more influenced by what is in our proximity that has presence and is accurately assessing the necessary pace for the greatest relationship dynamics between all parts to come through.

When people are not present, confusion reigns.

Many people blindly jump into conversations, state their opinions, and rarely even assess the context, let alone some elementary field dynamics.

One of the main reasons why so much time is wasted in meetings is people don’t speak their truth. Their minds and intent are elsewhere.

People are not present.

The proximity is forced and not flowing and the environment does not support the greatest synergy between people because of the nature of what `offices` have become. Sterile control mechanisms which no longer serve the post post modern knowledge workers.

We are collectively entering new territory and this Podcast + Blog is just one of hundreds of millions of opinions surging through the internet.

Why would this be any different…What is different here…

Like many people on the planet at this time, I have been working on a solution to what we are collectively going through. And what has occurred through my own research is a real hope and a deep inspiration into the hidden potential of human beings. We have vast unchartered territories in co-creating loving collaborative interactions with one another in brilliantly creative projects that can tap into a higher levels of collective intelligence.

There are ways of thinking and communicating which break through the limits of the dualistic thinking paradigm to `see` a new world.

What is stopping this from occurring is the old paradigm that has left scars everywhere we collectively need to heal.

The conflict that comes from being trapped in a dualistic mental framework creates a dysfunctional species. We are all fundamentally responsible for this. And so we must all fundamentally break free of the learned helplessness and cognitive dissonance and become present to our proximity and pace.

This involves being more present when someone is in real distress and needs a listening ear and a kind heart. No advice, judgement, or feedback. Just presence in your listening and compassion as your intention. A simple formula that non-violent communication so ably points out.

We are on the brink of huge technological and social change. Each of us has the choice in how we are either consciously or unconsciously to go through this. Either alone or with others. Either using the old methods and habits or truly breaking free in co-creating new ways of interacting together as a species.

This can only happen in spaces that facilitate this transformation. Spaces where people can experience a world beyond duality, where everything around you is there to be more sacred in your presence to those in your proximity, and allowing multiple paces to pulsate together into a conscious evolution of our species.

Many traditions have prophesized that now is the time that has been forecast for so long. And here we are collectively waking up together. The imaginal cells are looking about for those they can `pulsate` with.

The space where this could occur in each community is called DreamSpace. The place where dreams come true, but delving deeper into this in another podcast.

Peace be with you,